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Valentines Day Movie Reviews

No matter how busy you are in the working and living, just have a little stop to greet the upcoming Valentine's Day. Let us follow the night after the street lights to release the tension mood of every day on this special day. If you have enough time on this important day, then why not make an appointment with your beloved one for watching a few movies quietly. This may be a kind of encounter time again of the emotions of you two. Here are some reviews on top movies for Valentine's Day. You can just pick one based on the reviews to enjoy your with your love on the Valentine's Day.


Valentines Day Movie Reviews - The Notebook

This is a simple love story which is romantic and beautiful. A pair of first lovers has finally come together after experiencing all the joys and sorrows. However what make the audience feel different is that the whole story is interspersed in the memories of an old man. The gray-headed told the pasts to his wife who had lost memory. They have been together for a lifetime and have a son and granddaughter. In his final days, he still be accompany with her and waiting for a miracle.

Recommended reason: This is an ordinary love story which expressed human's desire for true love. Everyone will experience the love, but the love will never change until death between two sides may not be existed among all the lovers.


Valentines Day Movie Reviews - Definitely, Maybe

The film from first to last all let a person feel warm and not sad. Even there are occasionally some plots may let your eyes moist, but you will still smile finally. I want to write something about this life styled film, but I really do not know where to start. After all, it is really hard to explain clearly about love. A man may have several confidantes in his life, but not every confidante can wait to get a belated love.

Recommended reason: The narrative structure of this film is very innovative. And it is the kind of film which can warm heart after you watching it.


Valentines Day Movie Reviews - The Terminal

An Eastern European becomes an undocumented person since a coup had taken place in his motherland when he reached the United States. So his passport becomes void. He had lived in the airport where he finds the true love in his life. For any one passing-by, airport is just an inn for a short stay. No one will put their waiting in the airport, and even if there is, the waiting would be short. But this film just tells us that there is such a person exists who was waiting at the airport for a few months.

Recommended reason: This is a film directed by famous director with famous stars. You can find education significance in this humorous film. It expressed that even the little man can come with a noble character and eternal love can also be rightly found in the turbulent earth.


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