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Top Games for The new iPad

The new Apple iPad has been officially on its first sale in the United States, Hong Kong and some other countries and regional markets now. And it will be listed in more countries and regions at the local time March 23rd. I believe that you might be able to wait to keep one in hand now. Is it a little waste to use the new iPad with Retina display to play those high-definition screen versions of the games which are specially designed for iPad and iPad 2? Here we are going to recommend you the top HD games which perfect support for the new iPad HD screen for you to enjoy the new apple iPad charm really.


Top HD Games for iPad - Infinity Blade II

Do you still remember the startling game that revealed in the link of iPhone 4S' graphics processing ability demo? That's the Infinity Blade II. This game is called "the benchmark of HD game". This game now can also be able to perfect support for Apple the iPad. Compared with the former one got both praise and blame, this new version has a substantial evolution in the story. The famous Unreal Engine 3 will make you have a stunning visual experience on this game when playing it on the new iPad.

Top HD Games for iPad - Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

This game is known as "the game to redefine sci-fi games in Apple App Store". It has a new upgrade for high-definition game screen which can perfectly support those iDevices come with Retina. It can be described as a real game work that supports the HD high-definition picture. This game is designed with over 20 galaxies and many beautiful planets, 100 unique space stations, 30 spaceships free to install weapons and more than 170 kinds of goods trading system. I believe the game player would never get tired of it.


Top HD Games for iPad - Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Armed with modern weapons to go through the hail of bullets, and work together with comrades to repel the constant reinforcement of the enemy around the deafening sound of the guns, the exciting war game is believed to be one of the favorites of many male players. Here I will also recommend you such kind a game which also supports the new iPad's HD display screen - "Modern War: Fallen Nation". This game still uses a first-person perspective design as well as the two before. The support for the Retina display technology will enable players to be personally on the scene.

Top HD Games for iPad - Real Racing 2 HD

Grip the steering wheel, regardless of all to step on the accelerator pedal to the deepest, and let the engine roar until the scene on both sides of the track is gradually blurred. The stimulus speed and intense competition continue to accelerate the secretion of epinephrine of game player, the racing game is just so exciting. The real racing 2 HD is just such a racing game for the new iPad which attracts players' eye for its HD game screen and the real competition experience.


Top HD Games for iPad - Diamond Dash

Of course, there are not only those well-known games optimized the game screen to fit for the new iPad. The Diamond Dash is such a new upgrade elimination game which is also perfectly support for it. This game is derived from the Facebook's most popular elimination games. Players are required to eliminate the gems as more as possible within 60 seconds. With the elimination of the gem, it will gradually fill diamond magic value. And you can release the brilliant magic of diamonds in order to obtain higher scores.


All above mentioned top games for the new iPad are able to be got from the iTunes App Store. If you want to get more games to play on the new iPad, then you can rightly click here to download and enjoy more great games on your iPad.


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