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Top Games for iPhone 2011

Looking at the Apple AppStore games list, you may find that all the games besides Fruit Ninja, PVZ and some of the most popular ones, other games rankings are rightly in a disordered refresh. These disorder game rankings can be seem from almost all games types, including puzzle, TD, racing, shooting, sports and so on. The fact proves that many users prefer to large game.


For now there are more than enough large games in the AppStore currently. Then how to chose those high performance-price ratio, high playability games? Here we just recommend you the best games for iPhone in 2011. You can just pick some of these top iPhone games for 2011 to enjoy yourself with them right now!


By the way, if you want play 3D games on your iPad, you can just refer to the reviews on 3D Games for iPad to pick your preferred ones. If you would like to enjoy DVD movies or videos on your iPhone or iPad, then you can just get the Cucusoft iPhone Video Converter Suite or Cucusoft DVD to iPod touch Converter Suite to convert your videos and DVD movies to your iPhone or iPod. Here let's just go ahead to check the reviews of top iPhone games for 2011 now!


Top Games for iPhone 2011 - Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

Asphalt racing series has always been an special game for Gameloft. It has already won great praise in the Symbian platform early. And now it is still writing a brilliant in the iPhone and Android phone. The most outstanding feature of this game is that it has a good sense of speed. Its essence is rightly coming in the speed up with the nitrogen. Players can collect nitrogen in the racing track for three stops acceleration. In addition, players can also collect money along the way to buy vehicles. Now this game is totally free, don't miss the chance to have a try on it right this moment!


Top Games for iPhone 2011 - Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

If you want to play shooting games on the phone, iOS equipments would be your best choices for their triple gyro technology. In 2011, some of the Android phone also joined the technology to further enhance the game experience. This game recommended here not only has a clear picture of the game, its shooting the refreshing feeling and operations are superior to the other shooting games. The game operating supports triple gyro control which allows you to effectively carry out the sense of sight. But the game is priced at $ 45, if you still have enough money on hand, then you can just have consideration on this game.


Top Games for iPhone 2011 - FIFA 12

In the era of the Symbian, the football game produced by Gameloft company has been firmly in control of the sport game market. Meanwhile EA's FIFA series has a dominant role in the PC. Although it has been sieged by the PES series, both sides scrambled and did not very well settled. But the EA has finally achieved great success in iOS and Android platforms. It can be said this program has finally become the top one in the sports games. There are also manager mode and tournament mode in the iOS platform as well as it had provided in PC.


In the operation of the game also features a classic rocker type and virtual key operation mode. In conjunction with a variety of false operation at the same time, game players may come with the feeling of be personally on the scene. The game is currently priced at 0.79 €.


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