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iPod Syncing Help

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Syncing Music to iPod - Syncing music and podcasts automatically

  1. 1. Connect iPod to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. 2. Select iPod in the Devices section on the left side of the iTunes window.

  3. itunes

  4. 3. In the main iTunes browser window, select the Music tab.
  5. 4. Select the option to Sync Music.

  6. sync music

    5. You have the option to sync all songs and playlists or selected playlists. Your iPod will need to have enough free space to sync the content that you have selected from your library. Tip: You can use the capacity bar at the bottom of the iPod settings window to determine how much free space is available. The size of a playlist can be determined by selecting it and looking at the bottom of the iTunes window.

    itunes library

    6. Podcasts can also be automatically synced to iPod. Select the Podcasts tab and choose to sync all podcasts or selected ones. You can also determine which episodes are synced based on if they are recent, new, or unplayed.

    sync podcast

    7. Click Apply and iTunes will begin syncing the audio content you've selected to your iPod. The iTunes LCD will display the sync progress and notify you when the iPod sync is complete.

  7. sync audio

    audio syncing

    8. To disconnect your iPod, select it under Devices and click the eject icon next to it.
  8. To learn how to Sync music manually by clicking here.

    Using iPod with multiple computers

  9. Using an iPod formatted for Macintosh on a Windows computer is not supported. Using an iPod formatted for Windows on a Macintosh computer is not supported. To determine your iPod's hard disk format see "iPod: How to determine iPod's hard disk format." To change the iPod format you will need to restore iPod using iTunes. For more information on the how to restore iPod with iTunes see "Restoring iPod to factory settings."
  10. Modes

    By default iPod is set to "Automatically sync songs to my iPod" sometimes called automatic mode. In order to transfer music from multiple computers iPod must be set to "Manually manage music" sometimes referred to as manual mode.

  11. Automatic Mode

    When iPod is set to automatic mode iTunes automatically updates iPod's music library whenever you connect iPod to your computer. iTunes transfers new songs you've added, and erases songs you've removed. However, the first computer you connect iPod to is its "home" computer, and the music library from that computer is copied to iPod. When you connect iPod to another computer, an alert box appears with this message:

    "The iPod "iPod" is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPod and sync with this iTunes library?"
    "An iPod can be synced with only one iTunes library at a time. Erasing and syncing replaces the contents of this iPod with the contents of this iTunes library."

    If you want to delete the music library on iPod and make the second computer iPod's "home" computer, click Erase and Sync. iTunes will delete all songs and playlists on the iPod, and then will copy the music library and playlists from the new home computer to iPod. For Mac user: read this article: Best Solution to transfer songs from iPod to Mac OS X

  12. Manual Mode

    If you want to keep the music library on iPod, but copy songs or playlists from the music library on the second computer, click Cancel to this dialog box, and then set iPod to manual mode.

    You change the iPod synchronization mode to manual mode in iTunes:

    1. 1. Open iTunes, if necessary.
    2. 2. Select iPod in the Source pane.

  13. sync mamually

  14. 3. Click the Summary tab.
  15. 4. Click "Manually manage music and videos" to enable that option.

  16. music and video syncing

  17. 5. Click OK in the resulting dialog box.
  18. 6. Click Apply.

It is normal for iPod to take a few seconds to change from automatic mode to manual mode.

When in manual mode, to add songs or playlists drag them from iTunes to the iPod icon in the sidebar. To remove songs or playlists select them on the iPod in iTunes and hit the delete key. You can also create playlists directly on the iPod.

Important: Synchronization generally occurs only in one direction, from your computer to your iPod. However, if you are legally allowed to transfer song files, you can use your iPod as a hard disk. An exception is the transfer purchases feature, which allows you to restore purchased iTunes content to an authorized computer from your iPod.

Note: iPod shuffle is intended for use with a single computer. You cannot load music from multiple computers or iTunes libraries onto iPod shuffle like you can with other iPods, you can also try some reliable app like: Vibosoft: this is a review: How do I copy music from iPod touch/nano/ shuffle to windows computer.


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