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Top iPod Tips

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1. Prolong battery life
Although iPods now offer improved playback per charge, this is substantially reduced if you use yours regularly. Make the battery last longer by sliding the Hold switch into the locked position to prevent the player being turned on by accident. Also turn off the backlight and try not to skip between songs too frequently.


2. Use your iPod as an alarm clock
You can set your iPod wake you up in the morning using its alarm clock feature. Select Extras from the main menu, choose Clock then Alarm Clock. Select Alarm to turn the feature on, set the desired time and choose a noise from the options available. With speakers connected, you can be roused by a playlist of your favourite songs.


3. Read email on the go
You can synchronise your iPod with your email client to read new messages on the go. To do this on a PC, install the free program K-Pod from http://k-deep.com/k-pod.htm; for Macs try PodMail from www.macupdate.com. Downloaded mail can then be viewed on the player via the Notes feature in the Extras menu.

k-ipod e-mail

4. Create a playlist on the fly
Your iPod offers an On-the-Go feature for creating a playlist while away from your computer. Highlight a song in one of the music menus, then hold down the Select button until its name flashes, indicating that it’s been added to the On-the-Go playlist. You can access this via the main Playlists menu.


5. Read web content on the move
A clever web-based tool called iPodulator lets you convert web content into a compatible format for reading on your iPod. Head to www.theplaceforitall.com/ipodulator then enter the URL for a web page or RSS feed. Click iPodinate then save the results and copy the file to your iPod.

6. Copy songs from your iPod
iTunes won’t let you copy music from your iPod, only to it. However, if you need to restore songs from the player to your PC or Mac there are several third-party programs you can use, including ipod copy transfer and iPod to mac.

ipod copy transfer



7. Play iPod music on your hi-fi
Enjoy your extensive MP3 collection via your hi-fi using the Logitech Wireless Music System. This device turns your player into a wireless remote control, streaming tunes directly to your stereo speakers. At £99.99 it costs a lot less than Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi.

play music on Hi-Fi

8. Manage your music manually

iTunes updates your iPod automatically, so that songs removed from the program are also deleted from the player. To store tracks permanently on your iPod, connect it to your PC, click the iPod Preferences button in the bottom right corner of the iTunes window and select the option ‘Manually manage songs and playlists’.


9. Back up important files
As well as copying music to your iPod, iTunes can transfer data files to be stored on the player’s hard disk. With your iPod connected, open the Preferences panel, select the option ‘Enable disk use’ and click OK. An icon for your iPod will now appear in My Computer allowing you to drag and drop files there as you would a storage drive, to copy files (songs, photos, videos) from iPod to Mac, try vibosoft iPod transfer app: http://www.vibosoft.com/ios/how-to-transfer-music-from-ipod-to-mac.html it can do everything between iPod and Mac.


10. Convert files into different formats
If a track in your library is in a different format to your other songs, you can use iTunes or this video converter to convert it. Converting with iTunes, Click on the Edit menu and select Preferences, then click the Advanced tab and click Importing. From the Import Using menu, specify the encoding format you want to use and click OK. Now select the track, click on the Advanced menu and choose Convert Selection To your chosen format.

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