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3D Games for iPad

Would you like to play the role-playing games on your iPad? Here we'd like introduce you with some 3D role-playing games for iPad. Go ahead to check the 3D games for iPad now.

10 Best Free Photo Sharing Applications for iPhone
Here we list 10 best free photo sharing applications for iPhone that most popular and favored by most of users online, so you can use them confidently!


10 Free Games for iPod
Frustrated about where to download some free games for ipod ? Now don't worry, we collect 10 free games for ipod on the Internet that are free of charge and available to download.

Zune HD vs. iPod Touch
In case you are planning to buy either of the two most prominent portable media players on the planet, here’s a last minute summary round-up. Considering just the hardware technology, Zune HD does seem to be superior than the iPod Touch 3rd gen.


The Twilight Saga New Moon is out now in the theaters, If you’re a fan of the books and story, of course you have to watch this Sequel and don’t forget to download a PSP Theme ofTwilight Saga New Moon which created by me from the link below.


Latest Released Free PSP Games

Where to get the latest released psp games? A lot of game fans around me ask this quetion. Want to find the latest released psp games and download it, here is a list of available new games for you! Enjoy!


Tips for Keeping PSP in Excellence

Do you own and use a PSP? Do you take good care of it? These aren’t cheap devices, and you wouldn’t want them to break unexpectedly, would you? Here are some tips for keeping your PSP in excellent working condition.


Top Tips to Care Your iPod Battery

All batteries naturally grow old and die, and iPod batteries often do within 2-4 years or sooner with heavy use. While it's inevitable that your battery will eventually give in their are a few thing that you can do to help it lead a fuller life.


iPod Syncing Help

You can manage your iPod with different computers as long as the computers are running the same operating system (Mac OS X or Windows) and you have set the iPod to "Manually manage music." If you're not using iTunes 7 or later, click here.


Unfreeze or Restart your iPod

Hardly anything can be as annoying or potentially frightening as a frozen iPod video that stops responding to clicks. But don't worry - your iPod is probably fine. It just needs to be restarted. Luckily, resetting a frozen iPod video is pretty easy. Here’s how you do it.


10 top ipod tips

Although iPods now offer improved playback per charge, this is substantially reduced if you use yours regularly. Make the battery last longer by sliding the Hold switch into the locked position to prevent the player being turned on by accident. Also turn off the backlight and try not to skip between songs too frequently.

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3GS Reviews, iPhone 3G new FeaturesFree Movies Download Websites

People always ask "where can I download movies for ipod free?" Here are a few sites where you can download free movies; they are all free, all legal, and feature hundreds of high-quality movie clips and full-length movies.


iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3GS Reviews, iPhone 3G new FeaturesBlackberry storm 2 review: Blackberry storm 2 is coming

Verizon Wireless's version of the BlackBerry-maker's touch-screen Storm2 device, which will be released on today, Wednesday, October 28.

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3GS Reviews, iPhone 3G new FeaturesiPhone 3GS Reviews and New Features

As expected, the new Apple iPhone 3GS is out. We were right: The photos of the new iPhone were real. Here you have a comprehensive guide to the iPhone 3GS' new features.

iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 3GiPhone 3GS vs iPhone 3G

For those that still wonder what the differences are between the iPhone 3G and the new iPhone 3GS  should take a look at this comparison list.

iPhone 3GS vs Palm PreiPhone 3GS vs Palm Pre

The guessing game is over: Apple's iPhone 3GS has arrived. Don't let appearances fool you. On the outside nothing looks much different with the 3G S. The real difference is what's inside. So how will Apple's iPhone 3G s compare to the Palm Pre?

free software resources How to import video from camcorder to Mac?
After you capture great footage with your FireWire camcorder, you're ready to make a movie. First you'll need to connect your camcorder to your Mac, and then copy footage from the camcorder into iMovie, a process known as importing. iMovie makes importing easy. When you import video into an iMovie project, it automatically divides your video into individual clips, making it easy to edit.

free software resources Where to download free iPod Videos?
Free and Legal Places to Get iPod Videos.

free software resources All free Mac software
Absolutely the biggest list of free educational applications for the Mac! Over 200 free apps listed and categorized.
free software resources How to connect your Mac and Xbox 360?
This is a step by step guide to tell you how to get Xbox360 connected with Mac.
free mac softwareHow to play Videos on Xbox 360 on Windows?
There are two ways you can watch videos on your Xbox 360. Follow this tutorial, you will learn how to play most of popular videos on Xbox 360.

free software resources How to Play all Video Files on Your Xbox 360 with Your Mac?
This is a step by step Tutorial on how to Play any video file on your Xbox 360 from your Apple Mac computer.

free software resources How to download torrent video and put torrent video to iPod, iPhone, etc?
This guide tell you where and how to download torrent files to your computer, then convert them to ipod, iphone, zune, etc.
free mac softwareHow to sync an iPhone with two (or more) Computers?
This is a step by step guide about how to sync an iPhone with two or more computers.


Best App for Mac

This page will settle all problems above at a time by recommending the best app for Mac to you.

Recommended Software
The Best DVD Ripper and Video Converter Suite

Cucusoft DVD Ripper + Video Converter Ultimate SuiteThe Best DVD Ripper and Video Converter Suite

The best all-in-one DVD and video conversion software converts DVDs and videos to play on iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket P.C., etc. (Only $59.95, 35% off)

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the best dvd ripper for mac

Wondershare DVD Ripper Suite for MacThe best DVD ripper

The best DVD Ripper Suite for Mac to rip DVD and convert video to various video formats for playback on iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Youtube (web), Creative Zen, iRiver PMP, Archos, etc. (Only $49, Save $25.00)

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