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iPhone 4G News - More Than You Can Imagine

Large numbers of newspapers, magazines, websites, broadcasts, and other medias are all talking about Apple's iPhone 4G. People are expecting for the release of iPhone 4G. Now we bring some iPhone 4G news for you, I think iPhone 4G will not disappoint us. More functions, more than you can imagine!

iphone 4g news

Apple iPhone 4G features a superbly simple design. The iPhone 4G might not have any of the childish and curvy features of the iPhone 3GS, most notably the curved back. The edges are more fine and square instead of the smooth and rounded ones found in the previous iPhone. The overall look is more refined, metallic and professional. The body of the iPhone 4G has been purported to have been designed so as to enhance Wi-Fi and other signal reception.

Every Apple iPhone 4G review mentions the fact that the new iPhone might have an all-new iChat facility with a front-facing camera for video chatting and calling. This will definitely be a technological marvel if it arrives on the iPhone 4G. Even the usual camera has been enhanced. While the iPhone 3GS boasted a 3 megapixel camera, the iPhone 4G might very well have a 5 megapixel camera with a flash. The Apple iPhone 4G price remains unknown to date.

Lots of other features adorn the iPhone 4G. On the specifications, the iPhone might have up to 64 GB of storage. This is really huge plus as an enhanced storage capacity can work wonders for lots of people. The iPhone 4G would most probably run on iPhone OS 4.0, the latest offering from the Apple’s iPhone OS. Another feature that figures predominantly is the possibly large resolution and the support for micro-SIM instead of the usual SIM.

What's more, Apple iPhone 4G will allow users to download ebooks from Apple’s iBookstore that at the moment is only available to iPad owners. Amazon already offers a Kindle app for the iPhone and iPod touch, a long with a far wider selection of titles, but the roll-out of Apple’s own ebook store to the iPhone underlines Apple’s commitment to making digitised content more widely available across all of its platforms.

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So many new functions are created, which will surely lead to another revolution in information age. Though there are rumors everywhere, there is still no official confirmation about the release date of iPhone 4G from Apple. But with so many new inventions, iPhone 4G will be more than you can imagine. Let's look forward to it!

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