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How to Transfer Camcorder Video to Computer?

After you've had fun shooting your video, next comes transferring your video from your camcorder to your computer. Have a video you've recorded that you're proud of or that you'd like to share with friends and family?

There are many different camcorders on the market using all kinds of media. Usually the only way to edit your videos on a computer or burn them to a disc its best you transfer the video from the camcorder to your computer hard drive, external drive or flash drive. This article not only shows you how to transfer camcorder video to computer, but also tells you a great way to convert camcorder video to DVD.

Transfer Camcorder Video to Computer

Step 1. Install a video capture device

Once you have your device installed, you will be informed what cables to hook up from your camcorder or VHS to the device before transferring the camcorder videos.

Step 2. Run video capture software

Now that you have your capture equipment installed, and connected your camcorder or video source to the capture device. Your device should have come with video capturing software. So run this software. Once inside you might have to tell it what device you are going to use for the video source. If all went well during the installation of the hardware then in the setup properties for the software you should be able to locate the source capture device. Select it and then continue.

Step 3. Transfer camcorder video to computer

Click on the capture option of your software and press the play button if necessary on your camcorder or video source. The software will now begin to capture your video and save it to your computer.

Step 4. Burn camcorder video to DVD

If you want to convert camcorder videos to DVD for better saving, please keep reading: Since you have your camcorder videos transferred to your PC, to burn them to DVD is very simple. What you need is a DVD burner.

Here I strongly recommend Cucusoft DVD Creator, which can not only support burning various camcorders like Sony, JVC, VHS, AVCHD, etc video to DVD, but also allow you make editing, like cropping, trimming, customizing DVD menu, adjusting video and transition effects to your camcorder videos.