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Editing Video with AVS Video Editor

editing videoFamiliar situation is one where a great amount of video material - films captured from the TV, camcorder movies, photographs, music etc. - all stack up and occupy masses of space on your hard disk or are stored on a multitude of compact discs. Another situation occurs when a movie contains some scenes you would rather prefer to be cut out, or, where you would like to rearrange the sequence of certain scenes. This is the perfect time to start thinking about editing video, because, in the above cases, file conversion will not help you very much.


Professional video editor programs are rather difficult to operate and handle. They are also, generally, large in size. But their shortcomings are often well compensated by the greater number of features they offer such as editing precisely to a single frame, effects collection, sound effects, camcorder operations, high-quality codecs, etc..."The first is the worst" is not about your primary experiences with AVS Video Editor anymore if before using it to implement your ideas into reality you will rely on the following logical steps thus passing on to the main actions without any delay and issues.

Step 1: Download and install AVS Video Editor

Download AVS Video Editor, run it and follow the installation wizard instructions.

Step 2: Launch AVS Video Editor and load your video

Run AVS Video Editor. A new empty project will be created automatically. Press the Import button within the Main Library pane to load the desired video file:

AVS Video Editor

Select your video and press Open:


video edit


The selected video file will be added into the Video category of Main Library:


editing video

Step 3: Editing video in the Timeline

To apply different effects to your video, you should place it to the Timeline area, first of all. So, select your video in the file area (enter the Video category if you are not in it) and without releasing the left mouse button drag it to the very first row of the Timeline and only after that release the button to drop the video there:


Editing video in the Timeline


Now all the preliminary actions are done and you can proceed to add transitions, apply different effects, lay text and other videos over the main ones, dub episodes and create DVDs with menus. Finish Editing Video now!

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