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How to convert DVD to iTunes?

DVD to iTunesiTunes can rip a CD and make it rapidly available for you to listen to on your iPhone/iPod. What about rip DVD to iTunes? One would think importing DVDs to iTunes seems not such a big challenge which Apple could not resolve. You'd insert the disc into your PC, and iTunes would ask how you'd like to rip DVD to iTunes. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, I don't think Apple will let the ripping DVD to iTunes thing happen anytime soon. You must be wondering why you are not allowed to convert and import DVDs to iTunes?

Sounds like it is possible to make the best of both worlds, however, Apple is not likely to say yes, at least for the following three points:

1: The entertainment giant will kill every product that hurt their copyright protection, even if their position isn't legally tenable, they could try to tie down Apple in expensive litigation.

2: Convert DVD to iTunes would not add up Apple's financial interest, but only shrink the demand for its online iTunes Store. Apple could earn from $3 to $15 per click, depending if you rent or buy. So why not stay with the profits?

3: Because there are already so many freeware/shareware can do ripping DVD to iTunes.

How to rip DVD to iTunes with Wondershare DVD Ripper?

The following steps will guide you to use the software.It's very easy to operate.

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare DVD Ripper

Click here to download DVD Ripper. After the download is finished, run the program and follow the step below.




Step 2: Run Wondershare DVD Ripper and select your input video file

To select a video you would like to convert hit the DVD button.

convert to itunes

Step 3: Select the output format

Choose the format you need to put in your itunes as your destination folder.

Select the output format

Step 4: Rip DVD to iTunes

Press the bottom Start to start ripping the DVD.

rip dvd to itunes

Done! Now you have successfully rip DVD to iTunes.

You may free download Wondershare DVD Ripper here!

convert to itunes


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