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How to Free Download and Burn Facebook Video to DVD?

We have Facebook everywhere on the internet, and there are tons of interesting videos in Facebook's video section. It is a great place to share videos with friends and family, more and more people like to upload video to Facebook for fun, but If you've ever wanted to save videos of yourself to share with your friends and family locally but found it's complex to do by instruction.

Now you can download Facebook video free by following the below tips. In addition, you are able to burn Facebook video to DVD which can be played on home DVD players.

Step 1. Install Facebook video script

Open Firefox and look at your tool bar, click on the one that says tools, and then click on the tab that says "Add-ons". When a new window pops up, click on "Get Extensions". Then click on the search box and type in "Facebook video", after that, click on the "Add to Firefox" button.

Download and Burn Facebook Video to DVD

Step 2. Locate Facebook video

Visit the video section on Facebook site and locate the one that you want to download. Now that there will be a download button available on each video you are viewing.

Step 3. Download Facebook video freely

You could simply click on the download button to download Facebook video. It's simple and totally free.

Step 4. Download and install DVD Creator

Step 5. Import Facebook videos

Once you've installed this Facebook Video to DVD Burner, click the option that reads "Open". Locate the Facebook videos where you put and import.

Burn Facebook video to DVD

Step 6. Burn Facebook video to DVD

Simply click on the Convert button to burn Facebook videos to DVD.

After the above three simple steps, you can play the Facebook videos on your regular home DVD player or just share your finished Facebook DVD with your friends.

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