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Burn DVD Movies - How to Burn DVD Movies?

burn DVD moviesWith the development of mobile devices, USB flash drives have become the most popular way to transport project files between systems. However, if you want to find another way to restore your documents, music and movies so that you can protect them without losing them. For these jobs and others, creating a CD or DVD make more sense. There are plenty of DVD burning software online, how to choose a good one? Here we recommend AVS Disc Creator.

Simple and intuitive interface, a variety of hot features and supported media types make AVS Disc Creator a most convenient and demanded software to make home video DVD copies, create DVD discs for home DVD and Blu-Ray players and perform other burning tasks. Now let's come to learn how to burn DVD movies with AVS Disc Creator.

How to Burn DVD Movies with AVS Disc Creator?

Step 1: Download and install AVS Disc Creator

First download it on your computer and run the icon on your desktop. You may free download it here.

download dvd burner

Step 2: Run AVS Disc Creator and select the appropriate task

Click the VIDEO & PHOTO button along the top of the interface. Then select the Burn DVD-Video Files task in the upper part of the main window.

run dvd burner

Step 3: Add files and folders

Click the 'Add DVD-Video' button to load the video files you want to burn. Then drag & drop the loaded files from the Collections pane to the slideshow storyboard to start organize your slideshow.


choose files to burn DVD movies


Note: on the disc size meter along the bottom of the interface you can see the size of added files.

Step 4: Insert disc. Erase, if not empty

Select the necessary disc drive if you have several from the drop-down box. Then insert DVD movies disc into the drive.

Note: when you select a location for your output video file, you should save the file to your personal computer HDD.


insert a disc to burn

If it is not empty, click the Erase button along the bottom of the interface. Select "Quick erase", then click the Erase button in the new window. Wait a minute to complete erasing. Close this window.

Note: if you do not erase a not-empty disc, AVS Disc Creator will delete all files from this disc before dvd burning process.

Step 5: DVD Burning

After you finish the four steps above, click the Burn tab to prepare for burning your project.


start burning DVD movies

Now you can have a short rest, then you would finish burning DVD movies. Then you can enjoy your videos in your home DVD player with your families and friends!

Click here to download AVS Disc Creator right now!

free download dvd burner

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