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How to split a DVD into chapters?


Step1. Download AVS Video Converter




For more features about it, you can refer here.

Step2. Open the Edit Video window
Click Edit along the top of the interface before clicking Convert Now!
split a DVD into chapters

Step3. Add Markers Automatically
If you are burning several files to a DVD, click the Auto Add button to the right of the interface to set markers in the beginning of the each file. The markers indicate new chapters.
Add Markers Automatically


Step4. Add Markers Manually
Make left mouse click on the timeline along the top of the interface and then press F8 on the keyboard or click the Add button to the right of the interface to set a new marker.
Navigate the timeline this way and add more markers, if you wish.
Note: You can move markers: click a marker on the timeline, hold the left mouse button and move it. Or you can delete them: click Remove or Remove All.
Add Markers Manually


Step5. Choose a DVD Menu Template
Click the Edit DVD menu button to the left of the interface to select a DVD menu template. Now there are just 6 templates in AVS Video Converter. Select the one you like from the DVD Menu Style list.
Also you can select the Loop DVD check box, if you want your future DVD to playback repeatedly in your DVD player.
Then you make all chapters, click cross in the top right corner of this window to switch back to the Conversion mode.
Later you will be able to return to the Editting window, just click Edit on the toolbar.
DVD Menu Template

Download AVS Video Converter